Perfect hold for every floor

The SOLprime substructure for ground-mounted systems can be used for all types of ground. Depending on the ground conditions and the resulting pull-out forces, the modules can be mounted either by means of rammed steel posts (type A) or concrete foundations (type B). The root foundation (type C) is used for low ramming depths with low extraction forces. The tested support design is optimised in the wind tunnel and designed according to a system statics under Eurocode (EN 1993-1-1; EN 1993-1-3; EN 1999- 1-1). It can be planned safely and cost-effectively, depending on the location and the report on the static soil properties including a pull-out test. We also provide this service on request.

In addition, we offer geological investigations to determine the pile-driving depth.

Foundation variant TYPE C

Mounting system with pins & collars

For shallow pile driving depths and low pull-out forces, SOLprime offers you the root-type foundation method using pins and collars.

This ensures that the structural requirements are met even under difficult ground conditions. The root collar is used with two to a maximum of four pins, depending on requirements. Similar to a tree, the mounting system is firmly anchored in the ground and thus provides a secure footing. This variant is often used on landfill sites, dykes, slopes and the like.

Future-oriented solar technology

Our team of designers and technicians is constantly working on the further development of new mounting systems. Due to our international projects, the challenges posed by the soil conditions and different climatic zones of the individual countries are growing daily. Through these processes, we are constantly testing and optimising our mounting systems.

We offer you sophisticated systems with minimum installation expense and effort!

Personal advice!

We are happy to advise you not only from a distance, but also directly on site about the advantages of our mounting systems.

Project planning & Sales

Mohamed Kefi
Mohamed Kefi
Project planning & Sales
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Vorteile SOLprime

Einfacher Aufbau in kürzester Montagezeit

Die Montage der Systeme ist einfach und fehlerunanfällig,
so dass auch Monteure mit wenig Vorerfahrung die Systeme mit geringer Einarbeitungszeit aufbauen können. 

Einzelheiten zur Konstruktion
Freiland Katalog Montagesystem Solar Unterkonstruktion Montage Gestell Solarfeld

SOLprime Montagesysteme

Katalog und Broschüren

Ab sofort steht Ihnen unser neuer SOLprime Montagesysteme Produktkatalog als Download zur Verfügung.


Freiland Katalog Montagesystem Solar Unterkonstruktion Montage Gestell Solarfeld

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